1. Q: What is your company product scope?
    A: Our company is specialized for Silicone adult product making and design; as vibrators, realistic dildos,vibrating cock ring and other erotical toys.

2. Q: If provide drawing or sample whether your company can make quality product?
   A: Of course.Our company has the professional design team, tooling team, and experienced silicone, PVC and TPE production team。

3. Q: What is your company production capacity? 
   A: (1) 16 sets Tooling making facilities, 18 staffs for tools design and making; and can complete 15~35 sets /month.
      (2) 4 electronic engineers; 35 electronic assembly operators;
      (3) 22 silicone production equipments, and 30 operators, and monthly capacity is 100,000~300,000pcs.

4. Q: What is your company quality system and how to guarantee the product quality?
   A: (1) 16 sets testing machine for raw material and electronic parts.
      (2) 6 trained and dedicated quality members.

5. Q: What is your company security and confidential system? And how to protect our products and design concept?
   A: Firstly,all the workshops divided by different functions, and each staff comes in and out by identifying finger printer to avoid the cross function.
      Secondly, all the design team's computer has the encryption system and all the engineers must follow up the computer using limited restrictions.
      Thirdly, sales department, production department and R&D team, operates completely independently at separate working area.

6. Q: What is the parts’MOQ?
   A: (1) Client's own design product, the production quantity will follow up client's requests, the unit price and quantity are connected together; small quantity, higher price, larger quantity, lower price. 
      (2) for our own designed products, the MOQ is 1,000pcs.

7. Q: How to get the free samples?
   A: (1) Cooperated clients, can get the free samples by the purchased collections, and other collections will be reviewed and checked by the management team and then will  inform you by mail separately for the final decision. 
      (2) New clients, please provide the company detailed information and purpose, the free samples will be sent out once general manager approved after monitoring.

8. Q: Does your company have the import&export license?
   A: Yes, our company has the Import&Export license.

9. Q: Can your company allow one agent or whole seller at one area, how to protect their rights?
   A:Our company always follows up the game rules and insists in the win-win business relationships. If your company can promise to achieve the agreed lowest sales quantity at your area, we will not sell the same products to the other agents or distributors at your area.

10. Q: How about the payment terms?
    A: 30% down payment once releasing the purchasing order;
       30% once the samples approved;
       40% once goods shipped.

11. Q: If we just provide a design concept, can your company help us to design and make parts?
    A: Absolutely. We can make the parts for you.
     First step, we will provide the artwork design and function design for you checking and reviewing. Secondly,we will revise the drawings according to the both sides  discussion and suggestions, till the final drawing worked out.
    Thirdly, provided the samples for your approval.
    Finally, the mass production will be started according to the approved samples.

12. Q: What is the production lead time after samples confirmed and approved?
    A: Generally, one month after samples approved.

13. Q: What kind of environment standards your parts comply with?
    A: Our parts comply with CE, RoHS and free phthalates. All silicone meet FDA standards as well.

14. Q: Why we choose your company as business partner?
    A: (1) 9 years silicone applied technology and 4 years full silicon coating experiences.
       (2) Good company culture “honesty, cooperation and outstanding”.
       (3) Our products are stylish,sleek,colorful and water proof.

15. Q: How we can visit your company?
     A: Please provide your company information and your visit agenda, we will arrange it for you accordingly.

16. Q: How can we get the products catalog and price list?
    A: (1) Our products are divided by old and new;
       (2) Old products catalog and price list can be provided to potential clients;
       (3) New products catalog and price list will be forwarded to the old clients only. 

17. Q: How long the new products can be launched?
    A: The new products will be launched by every two months.

18. Q: If we provide our contact information to your company, do your sales staff will call or email us frequently?
    A: No. But we will send you the product information and check whether you get it or not; and then we will not mail you again except you are interested and want the further information.

19. Q: What is your company operation time?
    A: From Monday to Saturday, two shifts.

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